Laura Kipp

Brite Smiles did an amazing job on my teeth. Unlike the whitening strips I have used there was no sensitivity and was completely pain free. Even after a few days they are still just as white! Highly recommend!

Laura Kipp

Jill Darling

I just had my teeth whitened at Brite Smiles and the results are faster and better than Crest White Strips, plus the price is much lower than going to a dental office. I have a veneer on one of my front teeth so it doesn't whiten that, but the rest of my teeth are sparkling! Here's my before, during, and after pictures:

Jill Darling

I 100% would recommend them. I have the whitest smile after just one visit. It was supper comfortable and a really good price.

Larissa Ann Williams

May 2019

I am SO happy I got my teeth whitened with Anthony from BriteSmiles! I have been wanting to get them whitened for *years* before actually doing it, and I'm so happy I was finally able to! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and the results were amazing! I haven't seen my teeth this white for so long! I would definitely recommend getting them done, especially at the affordable prices Anthony offers.

Stephanie Alvarez

June 2018

I couldn't be more impressed with the teeth whitening treatment I just received! Tony was amazing and super friendly. Wow .. my teeth are so much brighter and all the discoloring is completely gone! Plus its the best price around!

Michelle Miller

June 21, 2018

Absolutely wonderful experience and ecstatic with the results! I have never felt more satisfied about how my teeth looked...Anthony is a miracle worker! Keeps you comfortable engaged in a conversation as if you've known him for several years..I recommend this place to anyone looking for an affordable teeth whitening service.

Cody ONeil

June 2017

I am very satisfied with Brite Smiles! My Teeth are so much whiter! I feel so much more confident! Anthony was Amazing! Very professional, and sweet! It was quick and painless, with exceptional results! Defiantly recommend Brite Smiles of NY!

Amber Mosier

June 2017

My teeth haven't looked this white in years! I had my teeth whitened and it took under an hour, and was pretty much painless. I drink a couple of cups of coffee each day and by the first round of whitening I was impressed. 3 short back to back sessions (45 mins total) and all my stains and yellow are gone. Very happy, and I would absolutely recommend this.


August 2016

I just got home from Brite Smiles which is located in the White Rose Day Spa in Vestal and I'm happy to say that I am sooooooo pleased with the results! Thank you!! I recommend this to anyone, especially if you need a confidence booster!!


December 2016

Maui White took my smile from zero to hero in one session! I've never seen my smile this bright, EVER! It was fast, painless,and most of all I got to see instant results! Thanks Maui White!!!!


August 2016

Having my teeth whitened by Brite Smiles of NY was such a confidence booster. Not only was the process painless and simple to follow, but the results are AMAZING! All I ever want to do is smile! On top of that, your smile will stay beautiful for months. I would 100% recommend teeth Whitening to anyone! Thank you Brite Smiles!!

Jailene Nieves

February 2017

Consider me a satisfied customer, my teeth got 8 shades lighter after one session. Anthony was wonderful, it was so easy and quick and affordable. I had been considering other lightening options but went to Brite Smiles of NY after seeing their commercial and visiting the website. I plan on scheduling an appointment for a touch-up before my wedding.

Dwight Ford

February 2017

Was amazing and worked better than i had hoped! Thank you!

Robert Bleyle

October 2016

Pretty amazing, Doesn't cause sensitivity and works much better than any whitening strips or whitening products !

Michael Dickstein

November 2015

I noticed a difference right away! It Took about an hour, super affordable, and I noticed at least a 5 shade difference in one session.

Lindsie Sindon

September 2016

We have seen the results and the people who use Maui Whitening always leave with a huge smile and whiter teeth.

Karen Latta

July 2016

Absolutely love Maui Teeth Whitening I highly recommend booking an appointment with Sam for your teeth whitening today at White Rose day Spa & hair design on old Vestal rd

Alexis Stanton

November 2016

I didn't know my teeth could get this white, 10 shades up in an hr. They felt clear like after a cleaning at the dentist, but without the discomfort of someone picking at your teeth. Just lay back and let the light whiten.

Samuel Oliver

October 2015

I loved using Maui Whitening!! It's so hard to find somewhere to get your teeth whitened without costing you an arm & a leg/all your enamel! Anthony is great and walks you through the whole process! I went from a 14 to a 4!!!

Emily Sarro

December 2015

Very happy with my results!! Several shades whiter!! Considering I am an ex smoker and soda drinker. Process took an hour, broken down into three twenty minute sessions. Consultant walks you through self application of whitening products. Very attentive through entire process. Extremely comfortable dentist quality chair. Atmosphere was relaxing with smooth classical music. I almost fell asleep it was that easy! Lol. A++ I will post a picture in the comments.

Tina Lowe Mellen

June 2016

I've had my teeth whitened at Brite Smiles and go in for a touch up periodically. I've seen an amazing difference and get compliments all the time about how white my teeth are.

Jill Wood Darling

May 2017

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