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Visit Brite Smiles of New York for the latest in teeth whitening techniques

Disappointed in your smile? Wish you had whiter, stain-free teeth? Turn to Brite Smiles of New York today. Located in the White Rose Day Spa in Vestal, NY, our experts utilize the latest in teeth whitening LED laser equipment. You won’t find whiter teeth in a tube of paste or a box of strips. When you visit us, you’ll receive the results you’ve been looking for. Brite Smiles of New York is your premier choice for whiter teeth. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you.

We’re in the business of making brighter smiles

You don’t have to live with stained, yellow teeth. We offer three convenient types of appointments to fit your busy schedule at Brite Smiles of New York. You can choose from:

  • 20 minute is for $79 + tax ($119 value)
  • 40 minute is for $119 + tax $159 value)
  • One hour teeth whitening $149 + tax ( $199 value)

Turn to Brite Smiles of New York for results you can see and feel. Our experts will give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Schedule an appointment today to see why we’re your preferred choice for whiter teeth!
For each appointment made online or gift certificate purchased will receive a free re-white touch up pen ($50.00 value)

We’ll give you a smile that won’t break your bank

We run different specials on our teeth whitening services throughout the year. Currently, we’re offering a Spring Whitening special for one-hour appointments. For $149, you’ll receive a full hour of LED teeth whitening treatments and one free re-whitening pen for each appointment made in June- August. This is normally a $250 value. Don’t miss your opportunity! Call today to schedule your appointment.